BICS In Company

Business English focusing on everyday business enviroment
In-company Business English courses are tailor made to help HR prepare the professionals for an international enviroment.

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BICS Overseas studies

Study abroad

Click here and visit GOOD TO GREAT INTERCAMBIO, our own agency devoted exclusively to advising our clients on overseas studies. For those who want a GREAT life and career and not just a good one.

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BICS Professions

Stand out in the work Market place

E.S.P. courses- English for Special Purposes- cover specific professional áreas , training the participants to better perform in their área of interest.

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BICS Portuguese

Say Olá to Brazil
Partnering with HR and Global Mobility managers, BICS offer and develop Portuguese Courses for foreigners working, living or traveling to Brazil, business or leisure oriented.

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BICS Online

You connected 24 hs a day
You can connect BICS Languages on line anytime, anywhere you wish- and this learning experience is interactive and connected to people all around the world.

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BICS Mini Groups

With small groups of 3 to 5 students BICS offer General English classes, twice a week, 90 minutes each.

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When I am living in another country it is fundamental do me to be able to interact with the local community. Being able to speak Portuguese

Has allowed me to really start understanding the culture, talk to our clients and seize all the opportunities available to make the most of my experience here in Brazil.

I´ve been here in Sao Paulo for two years now and can honestly say that I love Brazil! The extraordinary warmth of the people, the extreme beauty of the varied landscapes and of course the tropical weather make me want to live here forever!

Laura Johnson, England

Português é uma língua difícil, cheia de acentos e tempos verbais complicados! Mas também é uma língua alegre, muito legal e falada no principal sócio comercial da Argentina, o que representa também uma grande oportunidade de trabalho para todos nós. Espanhol e português são línguas que estão perto um da outra o que representa uma ajuda quando uma pessoa latina começa estudar português, pois rapidamente a pessoa consegue um nível aceitável para se comunicar.

Iñaki Iriarte