BICS In Company

Our English, Spanish and Portuguese Courses are tailor-made to assist HR in the preparation of professionals for a globalized environment.

The course objectives are defined jointly with the client company and afterwards, with each employee based on an interview that includes a Level Evaluation Test (based on the eight levels set in the Common European Framework).

Languages for executives focused on real business situations

This course is prepared based on the company’s reality and is highly specialized for using English, Spanish or Portuguese in real-life business situations. Students are requested to bring to class their experience, doubts and routines which will be used to practice the following:

• participation in business meetings and international projects
• conducting of negotiations that require fluency and knowledge of the other party’s culture
• making presentations for diverse audiences or participation in events
• participation in conference calls and teleconferences
• business trips – foreign guests
• development of written projects and professional reports

Whats makes our courses better / What are our differentials?
Classes for individual students or closed groups, with up to five participants
Groups are assembled in a more homogeneous manner, with common objectives
Scheduling flexibility for single-student classes
Classes held in-company or at BICS
Progress and Attendance Reports generated every two months or on a quarterly basis, sent to HR
Classes for individual students cancelled 24 hours in advance may be rescheduled
Qualified and enthusiastic teachers


When I am living in another country it is fundamental do me to be able to interact with the local community. Being able to speak Portuguese

Has allowed me to really start understanding the culture, talk to our clients and seize all the opportunities available to make the most of my experience here in Brazil.

I´ve been here in Sao Paulo for two years now and can honestly say that I love Brazil! The extraordinary warmth of the people, the extreme beauty of the varied landscapes and of course the tropical weather make me want to live here forever!

Laura Johnson, England

Since my classes started three months ago, I can notice that I’ve learned a lot in my Portuguese for Foreigners class. I Feel like I’m improving little by little every time. The classes help me in my daily life thanks to the method of teaching and due to a lot of patience from Claudia, my teacher.

Manu Mathys