BICS Mini Groups

We offer a different methodology and dynamic lessons in order to prepare students to succeed in their professional and personal life, using English as a differential.

Reading, writing, speaking and listening skills will be developed to their fullest. We have an excellent team of trained teachers and specialized in enabling the student to interact and perform properly in any given situation in English.

BICSchool, the most traditional language school on Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, provides courses that are totally focused on accelerating the learning process.

Courses last 24 months and are suitable for all levels of students, ranging from A1 – Beginner to Advanced – C1.

Students need to take a test to be placed in classes at the right level.

Classes last 90min and are held twice a week at BICSchool’s premises.

Please contact the school for more information on classes scheduling at 11-3819-1831.


Since my classes started three months ago, I can notice that I’ve learned a lot in my Portuguese for Foreigners class. I Feel like I’m improving little by little every time. The classes help me in my daily life thanks to the method of teaching and due to a lot of patience from Claudia, my teacher.

Manu Mathys

Português é uma língua difícil, cheia de acentos e tempos verbais complicados! Mas também é uma língua alegre, muito legal e falada no principal sócio comercial da Argentina, o que representa também uma grande oportunidade de trabalho para todos nós. Espanhol e português são línguas que estão perto um da outra o que representa uma ajuda quando uma pessoa latina começa estudar português, pois rapidamente a pessoa consegue um nível aceitável para se comunicar.

Iñaki Iriarte