BICS Portuguese

Working together with HR Expatriates Management, BICS offers Portuguese Courses for foreigners transferred to Brazil to work.

To attend to the several profiles and needs, BICS’ courses emphasize oral communication and comprehension. They may be tailor-made for students who arrive in the country with no prior knowledge of the language or for others with more specific needs or interests, such as a better understanding of Brazilian culture, politics and history to facilitate professional, social and/or cultural activities. There are also Individual courses which approach the local business and corporate culture – Portuguese for Business.

For people who speak Spanish, we have developed a differentiated method seeing as the similarities between the two languages allows greater agility and speed in learning.

We have students who come from various countries: Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Spain, Holland, Poland, Thailand, South Africa, India, Ireland, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany and the United States.

Our Portuguese Classes for Foreigners teach students to work out real situations and for this purpose, we take them out on field trips and conduct day-to-day errands – from buying bread at a local bakery to filling the gas tank at a station.

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Portuguese Course for Foreigners
Individual student or closed-group classes held in-company or at BICS, maximum of four people to a group
Course divided into eight levels, according to the Common European Framework
Tailor-made and individual student classes at BICS
Forming of more Homogeneous groups with common objectives
Time and date flexibility for individual student classes

Before the start of the classes, students do our Audit online, which is preceded by a long questionnaire to establish the students’ objectives, interests and timeframe to develop his/her skills.


When I am living in another country it is fundamental do me to be able to interact with the local community. Being able to speak Portuguese

Has allowed me to really start understanding the culture, talk to our clients and seize all the opportunities available to make the most of my experience here in Brazil.

I´ve been here in Sao Paulo for two years now and can honestly say that I love Brazil! The extraordinary warmth of the people, the extreme beauty of the varied landscapes and of course the tropical weather make me want to live here forever!

Laura Johnson, England