BICS Online

BICS offers two important e-learning tools using the TELELANGUE CyberTeachers® platform, which is specialized in the teaching of language at a distance (EAD) and in the application of tests for the level of proficiency for each of the employees involved in the language training program.
• Languages at a distance
• Test for Evaluation of Level

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Ever thought about a tailor-made, online English, Spanish or French course at a competitive price?
BICS Languages on line is connected to you at the place and time you desire – and makes this a fully interactive and globally connected learning experience.

The CyberTeachers® online course platform is tailor-made for each individual student’s needs and objectives and has been adapted to 218 professional profiles, which allows you to direct the course towards your real necessity.

Advantages of CyberTeachers® to learn languages online
Start with 15 minutes per day!
• Mini-classes every Day in your e-mail in-box- FLASH LESSON!
• News, videos, jokes and games are selected exclusively for you.

Would you like to learn languages faster?
You can study for more time by downloading the class to your MP3 device

Become an expert in your market segment
Newspaper articles and texts that you choose, focused on your day-to-day (correspondence, reports, surveys, e-mails etc.) can be transformed into interactive exercises while current videos can become listening exercises.

You enjoy yourself while you learn – Dynamism and Interaction!
The rich toolbar offers the possibility of practicing writing, translation, memorization, synonyms, pronunciation, among other items.

BICS also offers a test for evaluating level of proficiency through the CyberTeachers® platform. It is an exclusive diagnostic program, used to define the student’s level and course objectives. It consists of a series of written and oral questions (Grammar and Vocabulary) which will position the student precisely within the Common European Framework and will help to determine the most indicated content and program.

Ideal for
• HR professionals when they require a candidate language testing tool in Recruitment and Selection processes as well as a tool to control the development of proficiency for each employee involved in company-sponsored language training programs.
• You can start any of the language courses offered by BICS, be them online or in-person, for groups or individual students

About the Test for Evaluating Level
The test is divided into two parts:

Audit on line: an evaluation of the student’s level of knowledge in the language, by way of grammatical, vocabulary and oral comprehension questions.

Online questionnaire: information which the student must furnish related to the objectives and profile of his/her professional and linguistic skills. This questionnaire will assist in the formatting and of the parameters of the student’s learning program.

Results for the Test for Evaluating Level
The test result is based on the Common European Framework’s scale and includes information on the student’s capacity to express him/herself and to be understood, such as:
• The percentage of correct and wrong answers in the test (grammar, listening, vocabulary and writing)
• The real linguistic skills possessed for writing, expressing oneself, oral comprehension and grammar.


Português é uma língua difícil, cheia de acentos e tempos verbais complicados! Mas também é uma língua alegre, muito legal e falada no principal sócio comercial da Argentina, o que representa também uma grande oportunidade de trabalho para todos nós. Espanhol e português são línguas que estão perto um da outra o que representa uma ajuda quando uma pessoa latina começa estudar português, pois rapidamente a pessoa consegue um nível aceitável para se comunicar.

Iñaki Iriarte

When I am living in another country it is fundamental do me to be able to interact with the local community. Being able to speak Portuguese

Has allowed me to really start understanding the culture, talk to our clients and seize all the opportunities available to make the most of my experience here in Brazil.

I´ve been here in Sao Paulo for two years now and can honestly say that I love Brazil! The extraordinary warmth of the people, the extreme beauty of the varied landscapes and of course the tropical weather make me want to live here forever!

Laura Johnson, England